Wireless Charging for Electric Cars

Electric cars have just recently become commonplace in the automobile market. In fact, experts say that 50% of the cars sold in 2040 will be completely electric.

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Of course, it is always an arms race to make things better. As the supply and demand of electric vehicles increases, more and more consumers will ask for new technology to optimize their experiences. 

Currently, there are many companies looking to develop a cutting-edge technology that would allow electric car users to charge their cars wirelessly, which makes sense in a world that has the desire to get rid of pesky cables. Will it work just as well as the plug-in models we know now? Let’s find out. 

When was Wireless Charging for Electric Cars First Introduced?

There are a few companies that currently offer wireless charging technology today. Qualcomm Halo began developing their own wireless charging in 2012. It was originally meant to power Formula E race cars, though their current consumer series has 22kW of power that matches the public charger standard.

In 2017, BMW began working on a wireless charging pad for their iPerformance hybrid, known as the 530e. This wireless charging pad is made to connect to the power outlet in your house so that you can park atop it when you get home and wait for it to charge.

What is Wireless Charging for Electric Cars?

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is based off of a technology known as inductive charging. If you’ve ever used a wireless phone charger pad, it works the same way, though on a far larger scale.

A user simply parks their car atop the charging coil and the energy transferring process works its magic. The difficult part behind creating this technology is that the strength of the magnetic coils has to be extremely high for them to work. The beauty is, this technology could be placed in parking spots very strategically, effectively reducing the number of charging stations that we need.

Wireless Charging for Electric Cars in Movies and Pop Culture

So far, there hasn’t been any mention of wireless charging for electric cars in movies or pop culture. With that said, Hollywood is no stranger to promoting electric vehicles. As time goes on and more electric vehicles begin showing up in movies, we can expect to see these devices become more commonplace on the silver screen as well.

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These are incredible times in the world of electric vehicles. New technologies are being developed by top automobile manufacturers around the world. It may seem like a bit of a gimmick right now, though like most wireless technology that we know, it will eventually become standard, changing the way we charge our electric cars.

There is still a lot of work to do in terms of developing the proper infrastructure for the public sphere, though we don’t believe it will be long before this becomes the most prominent form of vehicle charging.