Our network speeds are moving faster than they ever have before.

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It seems that today, we have the ability to hop on the internet and get the results that we’re looking for in a matter of seconds. For those that didn’t think it could get faster, we’ve got something for you. This is WiGig, a new wireless standard that is set to excel beyond the fast wireless speeds that we know now. 

You might think to yourself, well, I already have WiFi, so how would this apply to me?

Buckle your seatbelts, as we’re about to dive into to the fastest network speeds you’ve ever seen.

When was WiGig First Introduced?

WiGig came about in May of 2009, and was known as the Wireless Gigabit Alliance. The idea behind the company was to create and promote the IEEE 802.11ad protocol, which would take consumer wireless communications a step further to the millimeter wave band. 1.0 WiGig was completed in December of the same year.

In 2010, they opened up their WiGig Alliance Adopter Program to better cooperate with current technologies for multi-gigabit wireless networking. Over the years, the protocol has been better refined to catch up with manufacturers so that families can begin using it too.

What is WiGig?

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WiGig is essentially a new wireless standard that is made to create higher wireless speeds. Similar to 801.11ac in terms of speed, this new wireless standard is set to work off of a different frequency. Your standard wireless internet utilizes either 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands, while WiGig is set to use 60GHz. 

So yes, the main point is that WiGig will create faster internet speeds for all users. In fact, WiGig is set to bring speeds up to a whopping 8GB per second, which is more than enough to download just about anything that you could think of in mere seconds. Of course, with 60GHz, WiGig could easily transfer at speeds of 50GB per second, though most consumer devices aren’t able to handle that kind of transfer speed.

WiGig in Movies and Pop Culture

So far, WiGig has not been seen in any movies, nor has it been used in any pop culture references. As time goes on, we can maybe expect to see this device become more commonplace, meaning it will end up showing up in more and more movies.

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WiGig can currently be used as an addition to regular Wi-Fi, though you have to have a device that supports WiGig, as many do not. There are now a few companies on the market that are selling WiGig routers if you have a WiGig-enabled laptop. While the devices are still fairly new, we can expect to see it become common in the next few years or so. More and more devices that support the 802.11ay standard are set to come out in 2019, so make sure to keep your eye out!