Sproutling Baby Monitor: Baby Monitor That Tracks Vitals

No, these babies aren’t under house arrest. This little high-tech baby monitor is a bit like a Fitbit for babies, with the promise of monitoring a variety of different variables so that you can make sure your baby is healthy and happy every time that you put them down for their nap. 

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Some may think that this new baby monitor is a bit on the extreme side of parenting, though Sproutling says that they created this device to help make things a bit simpler. The thought of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can scare a parent into constantly checking to see if their baby is okay. The question is, does Sproutling work as intended, and can it help to curb parental anxiety?

When were Sproutling Baby Monitors Introduced?

The idea of the Sproutling Baby Monitor came from new fathers Chris Bruce and Mathew Spolin, who found that they were experiencing constant anxiety, which caused them to stand at the door all the time to see if their babies were breathing. It motivated them to create the San Francisco startup, Sproutling.

The product was developed over the course of two years and was finally debuted in 2014. It can now be found for sale all around the internet.

What are Sproutling Baby Monitors?

Sproutling Baby Monitor

Sproutling Baby Monitors are small bands worn on the ankle that are made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone. They utilize an optical heart-rate sensor to monitor the baby’s pulse. It does so by shining a small light on the skin of the baby and measuring the wavelength of the light that comes back.

A sensor gauge reads the baby’s temperature, while an accelerometer tracks the position of the baby. If the baby is in motion and accidentally rolls over, the parents will be notified right away. The base even doubles as a wireless charger that allows the band to run for up to two days.

Sproutling helps to convert all of the data into little push notifications that parents can get on their smartphone. They don’t deal with graphs or data, meaning they are easy to read too. Sproutling also helps to make sure that the streams of data coming from the band are protected so that you can feel secure about that information.

Sproutling Baby Monitors in Movies and Pop Culture

So far, the Sproutling Baby Monitor has not been seen in any movies, nor has it been used in any pop culture references. As time goes on, we can maybe expect to see this device become more commonplace, meaning it will end up showing up in more and more movies.

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If first-time or veteran parents are feeling extremely anxious about the health of their newborn babies, the Sproutling Baby Monitor can help to provide a little bit of peace of mind. Having those alerts can be extremely helpful to give an idea of how your baby is doing at all times, which helps to reduce your stress, improve your sleep, and feel better about the status of your baby no matter what.