Google X Project Wing: Drone Deliveries

Delivery has come quite a long way since the days of the Pony Express. Though services like FedEx seemed to be the most prominent delivery services just a few years ago, our technological advances have shifted us into a world where goods can be delivered ten times more efficiently. What are we talking about?

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Google X Project Wing.

Current delivery systems aren’t the most efficient. Roads can be difficult to traverse in certain conditions or under certain circumstances, and the rise of internet buying has led to a massive increase in CO2 emissions. This delivery drone service aims to make access to our goods much easier, safer, and faster. But will it work?

When was Google X Project Wing First Introduced?

Google first announced Project Wing in 2014 when it was just finishing up producing this life-changing technology in its Google X laboratories. In 2018, it switched from Google X to an independent company known as Alphabet Inc. Since 2014, the company worked tirelessly to produce an aircraft that could deliver parcels to consumers while meeting compliance standards. 

In early January 2019, the first Wing went out, delivering food and beverages to the pilot team in Bonython, Australia. In April of 2019, the Wing became the very first delivery drone that was allowed to operate as a United States airline, thanks to an Air Operator’s Certificate from the FAA.

What is Google X Project Wing?

Drone flying in the air

Google X Project Wing is a project that is aiming to build autonomous delivery drones that can be used to transport a wide variety of things from food to medicine to supplies and beyond. The company manufacturing them, now named Alphabet, has testing spaces around the world in places like Australia and California. 

At first, the company envisioned their drones as a way to deliver defibrillator kits to victims of heart attacks. Now, that vision has grown, as the company currently sees them as the perfect vehicles to deliver supplies to disaster relief areas. 

These unmanned drones have been designed to pick up packages from businesses and deliver them to their chosen destinations using mapped-out routes and anti-collision sensors. The Unmanned Air System Traffic Management allocates these routes to help drones avoid hazardous routes. The beauty of these drones is that they don’t require a large staff to operate or any new infrastructure to run.

Google X Project Wing in Movies and Pop Culture

While Google X Project Wing has not been seen in any movies or pop culture references as of yet, there have been movies with similar delivery drones in them. One good example of a movie with a delivery drone is Seth Rogen’s The Interview, where a drone delivers a small strip of poison to the protagonists to kill Kim Jong Un with.

We can also see a delivery drone delivering pizza in Steven Spielberg’s hit fantasy movie, Ready Player One.

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While we’re not seeing these drones whizzing around our neighborhoods just yet, testing for them is ramping up. There have been a large number of new tests in Australia, working to deliver packages in places that are more densely populated. We can expect to see federal air regulations and road blocks dealt with in the next few years. You may never have to leave your house again!