EyeLock Myris: First Home Iris Scanner

We now live in the hybrid age of security and technology. Out are the days of relying on password memorization or key rings.

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Allow us to introduce EyeLock Myris, the first home iris scanner. Biometric security is not a new concept by any means. We’ve seen fingerprint scanners on iPhones, and now face scanners.

The EyeLock Myris is one of the very first that aims to create something consumer-friendly that works with your own unique eye. The question is, “is it a legitimate form of security or crazy science-fiction that has come to life?”

Let’s open up those peepers and find out! 

When was the Eyelock Myris First Introduced?

EyeLock ID first debuted back in 2015 for PC at the Consumer Electronics Show. The New York-based company decided that it was time to try a brand new technology that utilized the iris to identify a person. The idea was based on the fact that no two irises are alike, making it one of the most secure forms of identification that is on the market today. 

Currently, the portfolio of Eyelock LLC contains over 75 different patents that enable convenient, touchless security permissions.

What is EyeLock Myris?

IRis Scanner

Eyelock technology works by looking at 240 different points in the eye. The device will only unlock after it matches the entire scan. At this point, they are one of the only companies throughout the world that uses dual-eye authentication, and they are planning to use that technology to provide top-tier vehicles with total security.

The EyeLock Myris is pretty easy to use, as it is a USB-based device that can be plugged in to your Mac or Windows computer. All it requires is a simple installation to get it going. You then register your iris with the device by holding it in front of your face. There is even a small mirror in the center of the device so that you know you’re doing it right. Once your irises are registered, you will be able to use your chosen device.

As of right now, this technology is used in the consumer world to unlock computers, though the company believes that it won’t be long until they can integrate it with new vehicles so that consumers can unlock their cars hands-free. 

The EyeLock Myris in Movies and Pop Culture

So far, the Eyelock Myris has not been seen in any movies, nor has it been featured in pop culture. As time goes on, we can maybe expect to see this device become more commonplace, meaning it will end up showing up more often in movies. With that said, the idea of eye scanners has long been a part of science fiction, among other movie genres.

One of the most popular uses of iris scanners in movies is in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report. Tom Cruise can be seen walking through different areas in the movie, using the eye scanners to provide identification.

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Though EyeLock Myris is still on the rise, there is no doubt that this technology will become the standard for security. There is also no reason that we should still be using generated passwords to secure our information online. Biometrics is one of the best answers to all of our privacy solutions, and we can only hope that EyeLock Myris eventually becomes the specific answer that we’ve been searching for.