The biggest problem in the world of smart devices is privacy.

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We feel that we are at the constant whim of larger corporations who control and operate wireless systems and applications. The point of Blackphone is to bring privacy and security back into the world of smart technology. The thing is, the Blackphone has been through its ups and downs since its introduction.

Is this the kind of technology that we will be able to trust and use within the next few years, or will it be another flop in the world of “black market privacy”? Let’s crack the code and find out.

When was the Blackphone First Introduced?

Phil Zimmermann, the creator of Silent Circle, a company that creates and provides secure communication applications, introduced the idea of the Blackphone back in 2013. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that Blackphone was unveiled to the public. 

The motivation behind its creation had a lot to do with the fact that the NSA was spying on Americans in their day-to-day lives. The team at Silent Circle had a goal of providing consumers with total security in their actions. This phone is not 100% NSA-proof, though it was the very beginning of a large consumer shift in the world of privacy and security. 

What is Blackphone?

Security Cameras on the Wall

Blackphone is a device that is meant to provide a bit more privacy for its users. It comes with secure messaging that utilizes the company’s privacy software. The main privacy feature is a custom version of Android’s software called PrivatOS. This version of Android OS will give users the ability to control all of the data that is on their phone. They’ll be able to toggle application permissions for everything that they download as well.

The first Blackphone came around in 2014, though the Blackphone 2 has just recently been put on the market. This Blackphone runs on Silent OS that gives privacy without compromising anything else. This phone also uses ZRTP, which is a cryptographic key-agreement that helps to destroy the contents of a call immediately after it is done.

Blackphone in Movies and Pop Culture

Because Blackphone is such a recent technology, we haven’t seen it any movies, nor any pop culture references. It can be noted that there have been a variety of movies about the NSA and their attempts to spy on Americans though, which is the reason that this technology was created in the first place. 

One of the most popular NSA films in the past decade is Snowden, the story of a political figure who stood up to expose illegal surveillance activities being carried out by the NSA. 

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As of now, a Blackphone retails for a higher price than most of the top smartphones on the market, which does not make it the most available device to consumers. With that said, it is creating an obvious shift in consumer wants and needs, as more and more people are now concerned with their own privacy. While this phone is not NSA-proof, nor is any phone, it represents an ideal that will be important as the future of technology and connection moves forward.